5 Vital Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

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Life is not only built on skills, happiness, experience or accomplishments but also on relationships. So, it’s important we give our all to ensure we keep ours in great shape and vibe. Hence, trust is a valuable asset for maintaining relationships that can survive and endure realignments.

Before we begin, it’s important we know the definition of trust. Yes we see it as a vital aspect in sustaining relationships but what is it all about? What makes it so unique and essential in our everyday living?

Simply put in a layman’s language, trust is the confidence or reassurance people have in us that we will always be sincere and committed to their well-being. It’s all about not indulging in anything that will hurt their feelings.

Now that we have an idea of what trust is all about, we can move on to knowing vital ways to build it in a relationship.

Here are 5 vital ways to build trust in a relationship

  1. Stay committed
  2. Avoid being a Backstabber
  3. Accept your mistakes, apologize and work on them
  4. Make room for communication and good understanding
  5. Appreciate your relationship and ask your partner for areas of improvement.

5 Vital Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

1. Stay Committed

‘Commitment is an act,not a word’

Jean Paul Sarte

You can’t build trust in a relationship without being fully committed to that relationship.

To be committed means to give your ‘full-hearted devotion’ to something and in a relationship, for creating a trustworthy bond, it isn’t enough to give your partner numerous promises and reassurances, you need to accept responsibility.

Be sincere; match your words with actions. Seize every moment to show love and be there for him/her. Share in his/her joy. Help solve his/her problems and support him/her dreams. Accord him/her respect and be accountable for your actions.

2. Avoid being a Backstabber

‘Whoever is detected in a shameful fraud is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth’


As success goes with hardwork, so do trust go hand in hand with honesty and integrity.

In a relationship, we don’t expect our partners to find us reliable when we constantly deceive them, talk behind them, keep secrets from them or spill out secrets they told us in confidence.

Trust is very delicate; once broken, it becomes difficult to fix. Once lost, it takes time to earn it back. Therefore, before we act, it will be thoughtful of us if we do a thorough soul-searching and cross examination of the actions we are about to take.

3. Accept your mistakes, apologize and work on them.

‘When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it and don’t repeat it’

Paul Bear Bryant

Certainly time will come when a lot going on around us don’t seem exactly right. Chains of events trigger up and our imperfections show up. That’s the reality of sharing this planet with others. But sustaining trust in a relationship also entails on our ability to exhibit wisdom and high maturity during period of ups and downs.

If we are found wanting with imperfections in our relationships ( be it marriage, business or dating) we shouldn’t be judgemental or conceited. The only way to prove to the people around us that we indeed love them, consider them and and have good motives for them is when we change, not unwillingly, but wholeheartedly.

4. Make room for communication and good understanding

‘ I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation and understanding’

Miranda Kerr

Creating room for communication and good understanding is another great way to foster trust in a relationship.

Being abusive to our partners, taking a casual posture towards their opinions or discounting their good attributes just because they made a mistake, disappointed us or did something without thinking about the negative consequences will only amount to conflict and strife which in turn will lead to a broken trust.

With dialogue, tolerance and patience, we can set parameters of values we cherish and things we don’t.

5. Appreciate your relationship and ask yours partner for areas of improvement

‘ Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well’


Be you are a friend, parent, relation, sibling, boss, employee or a leader in the society, it is vital on frequent basis, we shower those around us with affection and thank them for the cordial relationship they have towards us. In doing so, gradually but steadily, the assurance they have in us begins to build and they can pinpoint areas in our characters where we can improve upon.

2 thoughts on “5 Vital Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship”

  1. I have this issue with trust. I don’t really try to trust people, I don’t like to trust people because the moment you do, they are gonna break that trust and leave you dumbfounded and hurt. Anyway, its a great post and I will probably work on my trust issues. Have a great day

  2. I get you Anita, but if you think this way, how will you feel if other people don’t trust you? You’ll feel bad. Anyways, we mustn’t trust people to the core. Even our best friends can be Backstabbers. We just have to be wise in our dealings as humans

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