When Was The Last Time You Said To Yourself ‘I Love You?’

Photo by Leon Bliss / Unsplash

Perhaps reader, you may have looked yourself in the mirror and wished you were someone else. Well – we all have.

You wish you were a famous actor or actress, a sport hero, musician or a certain public figure or you might have wished you could change at least one physical feature; your nose, head, height, complexion or something.

But have you ever taken a minute to imagine that you’ve been specially created for someone’s admiration and destined for someone’s fascination?

You may wish you were as beautiful as Artemis of Greece or handsome, but… physical beauty can be disfigured by accidents and become frightful.

You may also wish you were so wealthy as to controlling billions of dollars, acquiring possessions and adventuring round the world in a private jet, but have you ever gave it a thought that some wealthy people are insecure; always worried about losing their possessions or life?

If we rely on beauty, wealth, fame and any other earthly or outward aspect of our life just to portray our worth, we may never find lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Accept yourself and be grateful for who you are; for where you are and for what you have. Fan into flame the gift of God deposited in you and bless the world with it. Live for the moment and just know everything happens for a reason. At each given moment, profess your love for yourself, because no one can love you more than you do.

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